The quality of Bront

“The ambition is always to do something searching for exciting, suggests Angus, “More exciting than anything you have ever done before. The Bronts was not an understandable choice, But it just so happened that Sarah and I were devising something and a celebrity we met at the Bronts. You just try to take an idea as far as you possibly can wholesale mlb jerseys
with it. The idea is always to try to make theatre as live as it can be, But always approaching it from the point of view of a contemporary clown. Particularly when doing something like the Bronts, The testing, If you’re up to comedy, Is to attempt a parody, But actually the joke is on us as the performers.

“We wanted to tackle something authentic jerseys wholesale
that was very serious so that the audience wonder whether they are allowed to laugh, But then we take it to the next stage. it’s never laughing about the Bronts. It is always trying to find the audience to laugh at us. The point is that we are characters trying to do which we can’t possibly do.

“The powerpoint presentation is physical theatre. I declare the premise quite initially. We are trying to distil the essence of the Bronts through physical theatre. We are not attempting to do an adaptation. We are attempting to obtain to the essence of the Bront myth.

“We all have a feeling of the Bronts. you have ideas that we come to it with, And we are attempting to put those ideas on the stage.

“may well minimal dialogue, But we interrupt what we are doing in order to check in with the crowd. primarily it is scripted, there is however very much freedom to go off piste

“But it is utterly sincere of the Bronts, Though some people don’t get that. We have had a few die hard Bront fans that think the Bronts are being mocked. Someone said on Facebook ‘Can you think about Bront sisters in the front row and what they would have made of it?’ I said that they could have died laughing,

“We are two clowns trying to find to that idea. Sarah is really more immersed in that world. She looks a bit like you will imagine Emily Bront to look. My character hasn’t really done all the perfect research, But he is still dedicated to doing the best job that he are able to. And that’s what I mean that it is really very respectful to the Bronts,